How to tell if a watch is authentic or a replica

Swiss watches are known to be some of the most expensive, yet durable watches in the world. Unfortunately, this means that there are lots of people, mainly in Asia, who want to take advantage of their brand by developing counterfeit versions of any brand and style, starting from cheap minimalist watches, to mid-range brands like Casio, up to luxury watch brands sold by Swiss companies. On a first look, when comparing the two, they look largely the same. However, the difference is in the details and in this article, you will learn what to look for when you are trying to decide whether your watch is genuine or a knockoff.

  1. The three dials

The perpetual calendar, specifically the numbers used on the display often differentiate an authentic piece from a fake one. On a genuine piece, two smaller dials show the elapsed minutes and seconds. These dials are created within the larger one that is normally used to show the time. These two are used like a chronometer because when the stopwatch function is activated, the two start tracking the seconds and the minutes until this function is stopped.

Each dial is graded differently and on a genuine Swiss watch, you will see three numbers for each dial. The dial tracking seconds is graded in segments of 12, whereas the minute one is graded in segments of 30. On a knockoff version, the segments are usually random. On a typical Chinese knockoff version, the segments go from 8 to 12 and to 24 for the seconds dial, whereas the second one uses numbers like 10 to 20 and then 40. Knowing what each dial’s function is will help you determine which is a genuine watch and which is a cheap Chinese version of the real one.

  1. The strap

The strap is one of the elements that can easily show whether the watch is a counterfeit or a genuine one. Genuine Swiss watches come with a silicone strap that contains many metal bar accents which gives the watch an elegant look. The counterfeit versions usually come with a cheap white strap that has nothing to do with the overall elegant look of the watch.

  1. The clear look

One of the biggest differences between the genuine and the knockoff watches is the overall look of the watch. A genuine Swiss watch will have clear bold numbers and the display is clear. Every line is clearly visible and each number is bold and stands out. On a knockoff watch, the numbers look washed, they are barely visible and the watch itself looks much cheaper than the real version.

There is nothing better than wearing an authentic Swiss watch around your wrist. Be careful where you buy them from though and always pay attention to the details. This way, you can always make sure that you will wear a genuine one and not a cheap Chinese replica.