How To Spot A Cheap Replica Watch

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For the untrained eye, replica watches that are really cheap and poorly made and high quality watches can sometimes look the same. However, at a closer inspection you will learn that there are many vital differences between those two, differences that will make a replica watch look like the original or not. Let’s see what the main elements you should focus on when buying your replica watch are and what separates a good replica watch from a bad one.

Screws are the first things you should observe when buying a replica watch; it seems that high quality replica watches come with screws in the strap links while low quality watches simply come with pins.

One of the main things that you need to look for is the Crystal, as genuine watches as well as good replica watches will come with a sapphire crystal that is scratch proof. On the other hand, replica wathes that are cheaper come with a mineral crystal that will be easily scratched and very low end replica watches will simply have a glass face.   Also, this crystal will feature a magnifier over the date, such as the ones found on Rolex watches and a laser etched crown over the 6 o’clock marking. If the crown is visible, you will know that you are dealing with a bad replica watch.

The back cover is another element worth analyzing when trying to buy a good replica watch. However, this feature is actually only available for Rolex Replica Watches that have transparent back cases. If the back watch looks like the one on the genuine watch, you have yourself a high quality watch; if not, better avoid buying that.

Water resistance is another main thing feature that you need to search and this can be easily observed on the O rings in the threads of the winding crown. The replica watches cannot withstand deep pressure but at least they should be good when water is splashed on them.

Chronograph doesn’t work with most low and medium quality watches (Chinese and Japanese), or at least it doesn’t function like the one on genuine watches. The sundials move but don’t have the same functions.

Another thing you should be looking for is the gold plating; some watches are gold plated but Chinese and Japanese models are not, and this can be easily seen with the naked eye. Another problem with the material they are made from is that watches made from stainless steel can be of bad quality too, as stainless steel c comes in 150 grades. The one used in genuine watches is 440 and the lowest one is a cheap, hollow looking one that you don’t want to wear.

In the end, all these elements need to be analyzed in order to judge whether the watch you are buying is high quality or not.

Last modified: January 25, 2013

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