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Hello Panerai! This is how we salute an online based merchant decided to show us what a good replica is all about. HelloPanerai is also its name and the foundation of its business, the key brand that defines its goal on this market. While for us, watch collectors, it is just a new source of priceless timepieces waiting to be discovered.


Hellopanerai.net is a website that finally brings joy to my eyes. It looks smart, elegant and a little bit glossy. Let’s start with their tag line: „learn the past, watch the present, and create the future”. This is for sure one of the smartest things I have ever seen on a replica website. It lets you know from the start that this store is different from others. The layout is very simple and tidy. It has a simple top menu, a two photos slide bar and underneath, it shows the sponsored categories, such as Bestsellers, Best Products, Popular Products and Promotion. Everything is elegantly presented, just as it should be on any respectable online replica store.

The name suggests that the company sells only Panerai replicas, but the Menu bar reveals another truth: the collection includes numerous other brands. Basically, any luxury watch name that you could think of is listed on this website. The menu shows these categories:  Ferrari, Luminor, Radiomir, Special Editions, Specialties, Vintage collection and Other Brands. Of course, when you roll over the Other Brands section you see an endless list of famous names. Honestly, their selection is pretty impressive.

The prices start at $100 for the Japanese watches and go up to $1000 for some Special Edition Swiss watches. The merchant’s main focus is on diversity both in brands, design and prices. Regardless of what your preferences are you will surely find your dream watch here at a decent price.  The page of each watch shows a carefully studied description focused on offering detailed information about all the basic functions and materials used on the watch, as well as regarding the sizes and warranty.


The accepted payment methods are: credit card (but it doesn’t say what type), Western Union, Money Gram and bank transfer. I find it very odd that they do not state what card payments they accept. The merchant has a list of payment options that are considered as ideal and it suggests that you use them: credit card, Western Union and Money Gram. Bank Transfer is listed as a non-preferred payment option. To continue with this bizarre payment policy full of ambiguous recommendations they add the following information:  “6% CC fee for new customer, 5% CC fee for regular customer”. Let’s not forget that their bottom line is: “Make the order and choose Pay by CC, or write comment to pay by CC/, then checkout for the order, we will contact you.” It is a very usual way of placing a credit card order and it doesn’t inspire me any confidence at all.

The shipping with EMS costs about $15-$25 depending on the delivery country and with Fedex /DHL it is about $35-$50. EMS takes about 7-14 business days and Fedex/DHL about 5-7 working days. The company’s “we are not responsible” policy is a real turn off for those considering ordering from this place. More exactly, if you are not available to pick up the package they do not care what happens with it. Tough luck for you! If you refuse the package they also do not care about this and it probably means that you are also not entitled to a refund either. If the content of the package is stolen during shipping, you guessed it, they are not responsible. Basically, if you paid for it and you didn’t get it, well, that’s your misfortune.  Live with it!

The Japanese watches have a 3 months warranty and the Swiss watches have a 6 months warranty. Only manufacturer’s defects are covered by the warranty. Water damages, discolorations or any other damages are not covered by the warranty. Three months for Japanese watches and six months for the Swiss ones seems a pretty short warranty, from my point of view.  It doesn’t say anything good about the quality of the watches. There is a 100% refund policy, but it doesn’t say in how many days from the delivery you must return the order. The shipping expenses will be paid by the customer and if the merchandise isn’t in its original state then a 25% restocking fee will be charged.

Pictures:  The company features many detailed and high quality photos for all its replicas. From what I can tell, these photos are of their products and not of the original watches, nor photos copied from another source. The style is particularly different and all of them have watermarks with the website’s name and email address. The images are very clear and show many different angles of the watches allowing you to see that these are actually very good imitation timepieces.

Domain registered: CHINA

Customer service: The customer service is reachable only online, not by phone. They offer many contact ways such as contact form, chat, email, MSN or Skype. All of them avoid a tangible contact with the person at the other end and do not offer you a feeling of security about the nature of its business. But in the end, you got to appreciate the fact that they invested so much effort and resources in allowing you to get a hold of them no matter what you may need.

Summary: Hellopanerai.net is a website offering a wide range of replica watches. While their focus is kept on the Panerai name, there is still a visible intention of appealing to its clientele through the long list of many other famous brands. The merchant is obviously based in China and the watches he is offering are of medium quality, but presented in a very elegant and attractive way. Their services are certainly not comparable to the ones of a respected brand, but it will do for the prices they offer.

Last modified: May 12, 2013

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