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I was always in love with the elegant and modern Rolex GMT II PVD, and I have always dreamt of having one, but I just never got around to purchasing it. The main reason is its considerable high price. This is why a couple of months ago I have bought myself a replica of this beautiful black Rolex GMT II model. The original watch was created especially for pilots and for long distance travelers who need to simultaneously read the time of different time zones. What is even more amazing about this design is that it can show three time zones due to the addition of a rotatable 24-hour graduated bezel and a separate 24-hour hand. Needless to say that this model has become very fashionable and nowadays it is used even by people who do not necessarily need the extra time zones function. The watch looks very nice and the combination between the PVD coating and the ceramic bezel is simply brilliant.

I think that because the GMT hand can be very easily changed without setting the minutes or hours, this turns the additional time zones option into a very cool feature. This very interesting function may come in handy if you have a friend or family in a different time zone and you always want to know what time it is over there before calling.

Authentic GMT Maser II

Honestly, I am quite satisfied with my replica in terms of style and aesthetics. What I just adore about this design are the simple lines, classy looks and luxurious details. Everything about the Rolex GMT II PVD speaks of a refined elegance and makes you want to own one. I am perfectly aware of the fact that it is a replica, but it is still a darn good one. I have turned this watch upside down trying to find differences, but it is almost impossible to spot any design mistakes between my fake and the original Rolex.

Fake GMT Master PVD (2)

You literarily need to be a watch expert to tell that this is just a clone of the authentic GMT Master II. After long hours of comparing and staring at the watch, the only difference I found was the wrong order of the hands stack. What does this mean? The GMT hour hand should always be placed over the hour hand and not under it. My fake watch has the GMT hand under the hour hand and this is a sign that it is a replica. Luckily, not many people know this very small detail and it is also not very visible. I really do not think that anyone will ever notice it.

Fake GMT Master PVD (1)

 Another thing that raises a serious question mark regarding the authenticity of the watch is the “PRO-HUNTER” text printed on the lower part of the dial. The PRO-HUNTER special edition Rolex GMT Master II was issued in a series of 100 pieces so it is a highly exclusive design. I obviously do not look like the kind of guy who could afford such a rare collector’s item and neither the type of person that has the influence to even get close to one.

Besides these very small details, there are no other noticeable differences between this imitation and the real watch. The case, the crystal, bezel, dial and the band look identical to the original GMT Master II. The replica is also made from solid and sturdy materials which makes it quite heavy and feels good on the wrist. It has almost the same weight as the authentic Rolex.  As far as the time accuracy goes, I must confess that it is actually pretty good. It keeps good time even if you wouldn’t expect this from an automatic movement knock-off.

The all black design of the Rolex GMT II PVD is definitely my favorite timepiece because it is modern and classy at the same time. It is a model with a lot of style and a fashion jewelry that adds an incredible appeal to the person wearing it. Now, after finally receiving my replica and wearing it for a couple of months I am positive that I have made the right choice. I have saved a lot of money by buying a good fake and I have also turned into reality my dream of owning this beautiful watch.

Last modified: November 20, 2017

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  1. Carlo Alberto says:

    May I have more info about charateristics and price of the GMT II please. Thanks. Carlo Alberto

    1. Robert says:

      Hi Carlo,
      I bought this watch for approximately $210

  2. David says:

    I’m really not used with automatic watches. I hate the fact that you have to wear them every day or constantly winding them. Do you have a solution for this hassle?

  3. PP says:

    Do you know what other black Rolex replicas are available? I like the all black look.

  4. S.G. Mark says:

    Unlike silver or gold color watches, full black wristwatches have a unique cool vibe. I only own one black case Daytona, but I want to expand my collection and the black GMT seems the right choice for my style. I currently live in France and I want to know what the best way to order is. How long for delivery and what credit cards do you take?

    1. Robert says:

      Thank you very much for reading by blog.
      I am very happy to finally find someone who shares my passion for all black watches. Indeed, these look very unique and beautiful.
      As I was saying before, this is just a blog where I share my opinions. It isn’t a store and I don’t sell replicas. The store where I bought this GMT Master II delivers to France, the delivery takes about a week and it takes Visa and Mastercard.

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