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Franck Muller Vegas 6850

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Franck Muller is one of the few luxury watchmakers that take a fun and unusual approach for its watches. Its timepieces are free-spirited and modern models that surprise everyone with an original and subtle game of forms, colors and function. The Vegas collection is a unique interpretation of risk and precision, a look that encapsulates the excitement and anticipation of the roulette game.



The watch enthusiast that is captivated by the Franck Muller Vegas 6850 watch is a sophisticated and successful man that likes to mix fashion with fun. Its casual vibrant aesthetic is stunningly complemented by the interesting functionality. The push button located at the top end of the crown starts the central blue wavy hand which turns quickly and stops randomly pointing to one of the numbers on the roulette. With this watch you will never be bored again. When there’s nothing interesting to do you can just start betting on your lucky number. To make things even more interesting simply invite your friends or family to join the game!

Franck Muller Vegas imitation watch

Even though the Franck Muller Vegas isn’t such a famous and popular model, it still is a luxurious and expensive timepiece that has its share of admirers. This and the roulette inspired dial represent the reasons why the watch has some notable replicas spread around the online market. Some fake manufacturers are working really hard to get this watch right, but it is not as easy as it may seem. When you take a look at the below photos of both the authentic and the replica watch you understand why.

fake Franck Muller dial

The Franck Muller Vegas collection comes in two styles of case. One is Curvex and the second one is Long Island. As the name suggests, Curvex has the rounded case while Long Island has a rectangular shaped case. The watch from this comparison is a part of the Vegas Curvex family and it is manufactured from solid stainless steel with a beautiful polished finish. The winding crown is located on the right side of the case and it features a button pusher on its top end. Until now everything seems correct on the replica. It has the same polished stainless steel case and the same style of winding crown. The shape is also exact.

Franck Muller Vegas 6850 crown

The problem is with the dial of the fake watch. It is slightly off. The wavy white pattern is more raised and less elegant than on the authentic product, the unique Arabic roman hour markers are more spaced apart with the center roulette, the font used for the roulette numbers is different and the blue wavy hand that should randomly stop to one of the numbers is missing. These are all very important details that manage to create a huge discrepancy between the look of the authentic Vegas 6850 and the one of the knockoff.

Franck Muller knockoff clasp

The black leather strap isn’t that great either. The genuine timepiece comes with a crocodile strap that has black stitching on the margins whereas the imitation watch has a regular black leather strap without the usual crocodile style pattern and white stitching.

The Franck Muller Vegas Curvex is the preferred watch of roulette aficionados. This elegant and luxurious timepiece invites you to take risks and test your luck by playing one of the most popular casino games. Attractive design, outstanding precision and a unique identity are its core assets.

Last modified: November 20, 2017

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