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I do not know about you, but I rarely have the chance to be content with my current watches collection. I own over a dozen replica watches and I am still interested in adding a couple of new models. This is why today I’ve started searching the web for a new store where to order a knockoff and I come across, but you know me. I am always keen on carefully researching each company before I order and I am decided to find out how reputable this replica watches online site really is. Continue reading to find out everything about it. is a very simple looking store. This isn’t necessarily such a bad thing because its simple appearance makes the site easy to understand and intuitive. Its white background, medium size banner, slim purple menu and friendly layout make us feel comfortable when we’re visiting the site. And for any watch passionate person, the next step is to start browsing its collection as to find out if it carries that model you’ve been dreaming of for some time.

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I was surprised- pleasantly surprised- to see that the store carries only Rolex watches. Of course, my appreciation for complex designer watches goes beyond Rolex, but I know from facts that companies that sell only one replica brand are the ones that offer the best quality. The explanation is quite simple. They are interested in offering better products, having fewer complaints and more satisfied customers. This is why they have selected a supplier that is able to offer the same good quality for all the replicas from a specific brand, and usually Rolex is the brand that most manufacturers make with a higher degree of accuracy and from the best materials available on the market. I think it is safe to say that when you’re buying these knockoffs you will get far better quality than when ordering from websites that offer countless replica brands.

The collection is organized into sub-categories that have the same names as the original Rolex collections- Daytona, Submariner, Yacht-Master and so on. I was even more surprised to see that each sub-category lists a very large number of products. For example, Rolex Daytona has over 1,000 different designs. Fortunately, the website has a very useful Advanced Search option in the left of the screen. From here you can choose the following search criteria- Strap Material, Price, Movement and Gender.

The prices for all the replica watches displayed on are in USD, and the company carries both replica watches equipped with Swiss ETA movement and with Japanese Miyota mechanism. The Japanese automatic movement fake watches represent the largest part of the collection and the prices vary between $100 and $250. The Swiss ETA replica watches are meant for those customers who want to invest in superior quality and their prices range from $300 to $800.

The pictures for these fake watches aren’t that great. From the first moment you take a look at the collections you notice that the images are copied from at least three different sources. This tells you that it doesn’t use unique pictures and that these photos may not represent its actual stock. Afterwards you see another unpleasant thing. The pictures have several different names on them. Some say while others say The product description isn’t very good either. It is very short and incoherent, plus it does not give rich details about the design, materials and functionality of these replicas watches. accepts the following payment methods- Visa, Mastercard and Western Union. I am usually a big believer of credit card payments for online orders. I think that these are the safest choice when ordering replica watches on the Internet, but only as long as the payment processing page- where you enter your details- is secured and encrypted by a security certificate. Well, the page on this website isn’t a https one. This means that it is certified as secure by a security certificate. I do not feel confident about entering my card info on such a page.

From what I see on the site, the delivery is free no matter the country where you want the package to be delivered. The company says that all the orders are shipped with EMS or UPS and a tracking number will be provided so you can track it online. Also, the usual delivery time is about 5-7 business days. offers a 30 days return policy. This policy covers the event in which you are not satisfied with the product and you want to send it back either for a refund or exchange. Of course, you need to first contact customer service and inform them of your wish to return it, they will provide you the return info and after this you can go ahead and send it. But do not ignore the shipping costs that you must pay to ship the products to the company as these will not be refunded. The customer is responsible for these. Also, the store does not mention anything about having a free repairs warranty.

I was surprised to see that the website has a Live Chat that says online so I clicked it. I was even more shocked to see that an agent named Grace took my conversation and was delighted to answer my questions. I asked a few things about the payment and shipping policy and afterwards got right to what interested me most- the repairs warranty. Do they have one? What are the terms? I was very impressed with how polite and friendly the operator was, but sad to discover that they offer only a 14-29 days free repairs warranty. From what the webpage says, the refund/exchange policy is 30 days so why would I want to repair my watch when I can replace it with a new one or get my money back? is a replica watches online site that offers a very large collection of Rolex fake watches at very low prices. I also like the fact that it offers free world delivery, a 30 days refund and exchange policy, and very friendly customer service. What I do not like about this store is that it uses photos copied from different sources, it does not have a fair free repairs warranty and that the credit card processing page isn’t https.

Last modified: May 13, 2015

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