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Fake Gold Rolex Submariner

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There is no person on earth who hasn’t heard of the Rolex Submariner or a watch enthusiast who doesn’t want to own one. It is the second bestselling watch of all times. Particularly, the model number 16618 is a very prestigious design with an 18 k gold case, deep blue dial and oyster bracelet. Everything about this watch inspires luxury, exclusivity and power. Indeed, it is the perfect example to illustrate the success and popularity of the Submariner collection, and how a glamorous design can turn a timepiece into an instant hit among celebrities and wealthy people.

Genuine Submariner

Genuine Submariner

I have bought a replica of the Submariner 16618 a while ago and haven’t been using it very much. You might wonder why that is. Even though it was a couple hundred dollars and I did my researches before buying it, it still wasn’t what I expected. I know a thing or two about real Rolex watches and for me it was pretty easy to notice the most obvious of all inaccuracies: the markings. These are completely off. The model number printed on the inside of the band is 16610 instead of the 16618 and it is applied on an incorrect location of the bracelet. The 16610 model number is for the black dial stainless steel Submariner. The replica manufacturer probably has only this mold and uses it for all Submariner designs, regardless of their actual model numbers.

Replica Gold Submariner

I have been wearing my replica for at least a month when I started noticing that the gold color was staring to rub off on the inside of the band. The outer golden part was still looking good as this side of the bracelet was not subject to extensive wear and tear. I wasn’t expecting it to start peeling off so soon especially as the quality of the gold was advertised as triple wrapped gold plating which is actually quite durable and shouldn’t have these issues within the first years of use. This shows that the quality of the gold plating is inferior and it has never been 18 k triple wrapped gold, especially considering that even from the beginning the yellow gold color was a little bit off. 18 k gold has a different type of yellow. Additionally, the color of the dial resembles more to a violet color than to a blue one. Just looking at the pictures of the real watch and of the replica you can see the obvious differences in the coloration of the band and dial.

Fake Rolex Replica

Sub Knockoff

The only good thing about this replica is its reliable time keeping performances. It really is a very exact and accurate automatic movement watch. Furthermore, the quality of the steel is quite good. The imitation Submariner is made from a solid block of stainless steel and you can tell that the case and band are quite sturdy. The weight of the watch is 137 grams, almost the same weight as the original watch. It definitely is a heavy replica which feels quite authentic when worn on the wrist.

Rolex Submariner Replica Crown

Fake Submariner Clasp Image

My main dissatisfaction with the watch was that the gold started to peel off very soon and, due to this defect, after a month I wasn’t able to wear the watch anymore. This is the reason why I do not recommend gold color replicas. These will never have the correct 18 k gold coloration and the gold plating will start to rub off after a very short period of time even if you wear it occasionally. It is better to stick to the all stainless steel fakes and this way you will probably be able to use the watch for more than a month.

Last modified: November 20, 2017

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Fake Gold Rolex Submariner

  1. phil says:

    It looks very good for a replica. What kind of gold plating does it have and how does it hold up to daily wear?

    1. Robert says:

      The store told me that it uses triple wrapped gold plating.
      I wear this watch a couple of times per week and I’ve bought it more than a year ago. It still looks pretty good. The gold did not start to discolor yet.

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