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A replica watch has many faces. It can be an amazing jewelry that looks spectacular on your wrist and works flawlessly. It can be a cheap knockoff that looks fake from miles away and can’t even keep decent time. Or it can be an authentic looking watch that has some bothersome functionality issues. There are a dozen surprises that come with the purchase of a replica timepiece, but all of them can be avoided as long as you know a thing or two about these imitation products. Naturally, everything begins with finding a good online store from where to order them. Facewatches.cn has a name that seems to be predestined for today’s lesson on fake watches and it will serve as reference for making the difference between a reputable e-shop and one that is not.

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It all starts with appearance. What we first see on a website serves as basis for our opinion about that store. In this case, Facewatches.cn doesn’t impress me much. It has a pretty common looking website. The homepage is something that could have been drafted up in a couple of minutes. Sure, no one likes a super complicated site that bothers you visually and is also difficult to use, but one that doesn’t tell you anything is sometimes far worst. This is just that kind of store. It has a plain white background, a simple category menu on the top, a brand list in the left side of the page, a medium size banner in the center with a Milgauss image that I have seen on dozen other pages and some sponsored products in the lower side.

I like the fact that this merchant didn’t overdo it by including countless different brands in its collection. It has selected only the most popular watch names around and organized them into sub-collections that are easily identifiable. I should probably mention the fact that each sub-collection includes hundreds of different models. For instance, Rolex Daytona has 47 pages that need to be browsed manually. The really bad thing is that there is no Advanced Search to filter the products and make browsing easier or less time consuming.

The company sells Quartz movement replicas, Asian automatic movement fakes and Valjoux self-winding knockoffs. Valjoux mechanisms are usually Swiss made and basically the best quality available on the market. The price for these watches varies according to the inside mechanism and whether the product has diamonds or not. The Asian and Quartz movement imitation timepieces are the most affordable option. These cost about $99 to $130 if they do not have any diamonds. If there are diamonds involved then the price goes up by $50 reaching about $150-$180. The Valjoux automatic movement watches are pricier. These cost about $300-$400 which may seem like a lot for a replica. Well, let’s not forget that the real thing is 10 times more.

I would have loved to see some good quality pictures on this website. Maybe the size and clarity of the images can be considered a fair one, but the fact that the pictures have been copied from several different catalogs is anything but reassuring. This means that the company does not take the photos in its own studio and of the merchandise it stocks. It takes these images from its suppliers or it copies them from other sites, in which case we never know what will actually be delivered to us. Another worrying aspect is the watermark from the pictures. This says Watchjust.com when the company’s name is Facewatches.cn.

When you want to see how accurate looking a replica is you just need to take a picture of the fake watch and compare it with one of the original timepiece. You will then be able to spot the design differences. For instance, if we run a quick comparison between this Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean fake and the genuine model we can’t see any major differences on the dial. The one that bothers me the most are the hour markers from 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock which should be squared shaped and not uneven rectangular indexes. Also, the space between the date window and the 3 o’clock marker is larger on the replica. The rest of the watch seems to be pretty authentic looking. The bezel has the correct design and gradations, the case is nicely crafted and the buttons are exact.

Facewatches.cn is able to dispatch packages to any country in the world by using EMS and Fedex. The packages are sent for a flat rate shipping fee of $20. This means that the cost of delivery doesn’t vary regardless of the number of replica watches in your order or the weight of the package. Mainly, all packages are sent with EMS. Fedex is used only if EMS can’t deliver to your address. The estimated delivery time is about 10 business days with EMS and 5-7 business days with Fedex. For both shipping carriers you will get a tracking number.

The available payment methods are Visa and Mastercard. The company does not offer the option of paying by Western Union, Bank Wire, Money Gram or Paypal which is kind of inconvenient. I say this because it is not recommended to submit your card details on a webpage that isn’t secured for processing online payments. If Facewatches.cn would offer a https payment form then I would be ok with paying by credit card on this page, but without an encrypted page any third party can access your information.

It is always good to know that an online store offers a return policy. In this case, the website offers a 5 days free exchange and refund policy or at least they say it’s free. The problem is that the customer needs to pay to ship the faulty product back to their warehouse in China which certainly isn’t cheap. And there’s more. He also needs to pay a 15% restocking fee for exchanges or a 15% processing fee for refunds. Better do your math before returning the replica watch as it may end up costing you even more than you have paid in the first place. The merchant doesn’t say anything about providing a repairs warranty.

I know that when you’re ordering replica watches online you shouldn’t have high expectations from the company and its products, but some things shouldn’t be ignored. Customer service is one of those things. You just can’t order a fake timepiece without being able to contact the store in a timely fashion. From my experience phone and live chat services are the best for resolving customer’s problems quickly and satisfactory. Unfortunately, Facewatches.cn offers customer care only by email and the worst thing is that this is an unsecure and unprofessional Gmail account. So, dear replica shoppers, before you place an order here make sure you get a hold of their agents and you test their services. Are they friendly and professional? How much time does it take to get an answer to your inquiries? These are all essential when you are purchasing a fake product online.

Even though Facewatches.cn offers many attractive aspects like the affordable prices, the 5 days return policy and products that in the pictures look authentic, there are also numerous negative things that make us worry like the poor customer service, the product photos that weren’t taken in its studio, the unsecure payment form and the costly refund guarantee. These days, ups and downs are part of the replica business and it is our job to make sure we stay away from the risky sites and choose the decent ones instead.

Last modified: April 13, 2016

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  1. Dondra says:

    Hi, I just received my watch today Rolex date just and I love it. They stayed in touch with via email, the whole entire time. If I emailed them I received an email from right back. Shipping took about 4 weeks which was really quick. I would highly recommend buying from them, I will doing more business with them in the future. Wonderful people to deal with and buy from. The watch was exactly as described and looked, IDENTICAL. I give them 5 stars +

    Thanks You Guys So Much,,,, Have A Blessed Day,


  2. Dennis says:

    This is the worst buying experience ever from China. Asked to add another watch and told o.k. Then message that they had already shipped. Then I told them my bank was stopping payment. Then they asked me to call bank and not cancel payment. Then told me they would send watches after I sent them picture of my drivers. License I.D. front and back and also a picture of my credit card. I had identity stolen 2 months ago and said, No Way. They said they would refund my money in 10 to 40 days. They also admitted that they really hadn’t sent the watches as they said earlier. I think I have been scammed and do not expect to ever get my money back. BEWARE, BEWARE,BEWARE. They don’t use Paypal, so no protection or recourse to get my money back.

  3. detailz00 says:

    Beware. Don’t use this company. I ordered two watches and they sent me two that were not what I ordered. I sent them emails about this and they mentioned it was due to their manufacturing parts sources. Nothing to do with me as I made notes on the order stating that the watches I ordered need to look exactly like the pictures they claim to have taken from their factory. Also note that one watch, the hour and minute hand are misaligned so you can never tell the right time. The second watch has the wrong bezel and doesn’t work at all. I wind it and shake the automatic movement and it runs for a second and stops. They claim best quality but these are $20-30 watches and beware if they even work or not.

  4. detailz00 says:

    Here is the 2nd watch that doesn’t work. Not sure where this bezel came from but it is not a Daytona vintage Paul Newman style that I ordered. It shows 1000 miles per hour or even km per hours on the bezel which in 1960’s when this Rolex model came out is ludicrous. BUYER BEWARE.
    I am currently in dispute with them to get a refund and to get these junk watches shipped back.

  5. detailz00 says:

    Also note they overcharged me. I ordered in US Dollars and they gave me the following canned response which is false and has nothing to do with the customer. Should be their issue with their bank. Here is their response:
    Dear Friend,
    Thank you for your email.
    I am very sorry to cause you into trouble, I will explain the additional charge to you.
    This part of charge is normal and can not be avoided. Because the margin fees is received by Bank .Below is the three reasons for this problem:
    Firstly, it will take the Cross-border royalties between Credit card issuing organization and Bank .
    Secondly, the floating of exchange rate.
    Finally, the currency exchange.
    So the above three factors resulted in a little bit difference between your consumption and the actual charge.
    If you have any other questions please contact me directly.

    This is a SCAM… STAY AWAY. This is a China company ready to scam you.

    1. jen22@yahoo.com says:

      how much did they overcharge you

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