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If elite knockoffs is what you are looking for then maybe you should check out Elitereplicawatch.eu. This online store offers a large collection of fake timepieces at very good prices. But is the quality good enough? Well, that’s a whole different discussion that will be presented below. Keep reading to find out.

In my opinion, Elitereplicawatch.eu is a very peculiar looking website. Indeed, I like to see a uniquely designed online store from time to time, but this is a whole kind of different. The homepage is gray and orange and the featured products are crowded in the center of the page. The buttons are oversized, the images are just too tiny and the legibility of this site is plain awful. There are so many visual elements stuffed on the homepage that it is really difficult to focus on the products. Needless to say, this e-shop isn’t user friendly, but its simple structure makes it easy to browse.

Swiss Grade Panerai & Hublot

We observe that the page has two menus. The top side one features the main product categories, such as Swiss Replicas, Swiss Rolex, Jap Replicas, Jap Rolex, Ladies and Boxes. On the left side there are the buttons for the informative sections, like Shipping, Warranty, Payment and so on. The company carries about 40 different brands and that’s a lot. Each brand lists a couple hundred different designs, but browsing through all of them is quite smooth and easy as these are already organized by gender and type of movement.

As I was saying before, the company carries both Swiss and Japanese movement replica watches. While the Japanese automatic mechanism fakes cost about $150-$280, the Swiss self-winding movement replicas cost about $300-$700. Maybe you feel that this price is too much for a knockoff, but if you consider the durability, functionality and aesthetics of the imitation watch, it really sounds like a good bargain. And let’s not forget that the authentic watches cost about $10,000.

I am not that convinced about the product pictures displayed on Elitereplicawatch.eu. I say this because some replica watches have a white background while some have a black one. I have been browsing through the knockoffs and pictures and besides the fact that the clarity is very poor, the images have the name of a different website written on them. This clearly shows that the company doesn’t use its own product pictures.

I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that this merchant offers free worldwide delivery. I always like discovering new replica watches stores that offer free shipping. Basically, it dispatches all the orders by using EMS and the usual delivery time is about 10 business days. As you probably know, EMS is a very reliable carrier and it provides a tracking number for all its packages. This way you can trace the replica watch online at any given moment.

Elitereplicawatch.eu offers a pretty diversified and broad range of payment options. The company can process Western Union, Visa, Mastercard and American Express. These are some of the most used and secure payment option for online orders. From my experience, when you are buying products online it is always better to pay by credit card. This way, if there are any problems you can notify your bank and they will help you to make things right.

The store offers a 1 one year free repairs warranty that applies for all replica watches that have a manufacturing defect or do not function as mentioned on the website. Of course, all return fees must be paid by the customer. There is also a 7 days refund or replacement policy. The knockoff can be returned if you aren’t happy with it, but a 25% restocking fee will be deducted from your card. Also, for replacements no discounts can be applied and a $25 shipping fee must be paid by the company so they can ship you the replacement watch.

I honestly believe that no one should ever order a replica watch online without prior talking to the company’s customer service department and clarifying all his doubts about the quality of the products, security of the transaction and complying with the policies. This is why I now tell you that if you find a company like this one that does not have a contact number or chat service, do not overlook this aspect. Send a message by using the contact form or the Gmail address and wait until you get an answer. Make sure all your worries are clarified. If you do not get an answer then move further with a different fake watches store.

Elitereplicawatch.eu isn’t among the replica watches online sites that I consider trustworthy. I am not at all convinced by the quality of its products or services. This is because the company uses pictures that weren’t taken in its own studio, doesn’t offer responsive customer services and has costly return policies. But on the other hand, the prices are good; it offers free world wide delivery and a one year free repairs warranty.

Last modified: July 28, 2015

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  1. Randy says:

    DO NOT BUY A WATCH FROM THEM! I purchased a Panerai replica. It came in the mail and the band was not leather as advertised. It had this crap fake leather covering that felt rubbery. After wearing the watch twice the band seam came apart. According to their website they have a 6 MONTH WARRANTY so I contacted them for a refund/replacement as the watch was not as advertised and they refused, saying the band was coming apart from “wear and tear.” After two weeks???? They wouldn’t even send me a replacement band. Stay away!!!!

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