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Now there is a new a doctor in the house, a doctor of beautiful luxury replica watches that promises to change the very core of this industry. For those with an irreversible and incurable passion for horological masterpieces there is Dreplica, the ultimate replica watches store.


The main menu is located on the top of the page and it includes just seven watch brands, the bestselling ones. The prospects of such a limited collection may discourage your thirst for a new and exciting shopping session of replica watches, but as we very well know appearances can be very deceiving. Just as soon as you click on one of the categories from the main menu, a left side menu bar unfolds so you can peacefully browse its endless list of luxury watch brands. Here you will pretty much find replicas of the most loved designs ever launched on the market.

As far as I can tell, the company sells both Swiss and Japanese grade watches. The Japanese watches are priced at 80GBP-100GBP and the Swiss watches cost over 200 GBP. Yes, the prices are in GBP which suggests that the targeted customers are from UK. On the product page you find the same type of cryptic text written in the same poor English. But, you got to admit that they at least try to provide all the relevant information about these watches, such as type of mechanism, functions, materials, colors, size and marks of authenticity. If you put some effort into it, you may end up actually understanding a few elementary facts about these replica watches.

The regular order processing time is of 24-36 hours. The packages are dispatched via Air international EMS or DHL Express, and the delivery time is 5-7 business days. All the orders are sent with a tracking number and a signature is mandatory for delivery. The best part about the shipping policy is that it is FREE. The company provides free delivery all around the world. Pretty convincing, isn’t it?

Good news, unhappy customers can choose to send the order back for a refund or exchange. If you receive your order and you are not satisfied then you can return it within the first 7 days and ask for your money back or within the first 30 days and request an exchange. The condition is that you immediately contact customer service in order to arrange the terms on the refund or exchange. The downside is that the customer pays for the shipping costs of sending back the products and when a refund is issued the bank will also deduct a fee from the refunded amount. So in the end you may end up losing even more money.

Dreplica.com is able to process payments in the following currencies: British pounds, euros and US dollars. You can choose to pay using one the following options: Western Union, Visa or Mastercard. The supported payment methods and the different available currencies show that the merchant is keen on providing the best personalized payment solution to each of its unique customers.


I’m usually not that picky when it comes to the design of a site, but this one is too rudimentary to get away with it. 60% percent of the home page is filled with incoherent text about how great this company is and why we should buy our replicas from them. Judging by these English skills, I seriously doubt that the merchant is such a wise purchasing decision. The rest of 40% of this page consists of two banners, two minimal menus and a couple of “promotion products”. The overall appearance of Dreplica.com doesn’t have anything to do with what we call a professional online store. It resembles more to a blog than to an online shop. This is probably because of its wide banners and rich text boxes. It is not the type of page that sticks with you or the type you revisit out of interest. It looks too dull with its white background, black menu and orange accents. No one says that you must invest a fortune into the esthetics of your website, but at least make it look like a decent online store.

The selection of replica watches this company sells is indeed impressive, but browsing through all of them is such a nightmare. Don’t get me wrong, the products are beautiful, but do you really have to spend ages just to locate the models which interest you? Wouldn’t it be a lot easier if an Advanced Search option would be available on the site? My opinion is that this way a lot of potential customers would find what they want to purchase and probably order it, instead of abandoning the search and leaving the website out of despair.

Pictures: The product pictures are clearly not from the same source. From what I can tell, these are copied from at least three sources. From category to category, and even from product to product the style and even the number of photos vary. Some may have a black background while others may have a white or grayish one, some may be photographed up close and others from a distinctive angle. The good part about these images is that they do not have a watermark so these sources may even be different wholesale suppliers not necessarily similar replica online stores.

Domain registered: CHINA

Customer service: The company claims to offer customer service 24 hours per day 7 days a week. Allow me to seriously doubt this overstatement, especially when the live chat button blinks in the right side of the page saying “OFFLINE”. The so called 24/7 customer care department is supposed to be reachable by chat, email and contact form, whereas a contact phone line is not provided. What I have also noticed is that the customer service email address is a very disturbing Outlook account: replicawatchsale@outlook.com. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not judging the quality of their customer service by the looks of their email address, I am actually judging the liability of the company through the means of the services it provides. And if we summarize these services we fully understand that Dreplica may just not be the right remedy for our replica watch addiction.

Summary: Dreplica.com is an online store that provides an incredibly wide collection of replica watches at relatively low prices. The advantages you get when you buy your knockoffs from this website is that you benefit from free delivery, flexible and personalized payment solutions as well as a return guarantee. It does seem like a good place to start putting together your very own collection of luxury watches.

Last modified: September 14, 2013

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  1. Singh says:

    This site is a totall scam. Purchased a watch for 99 usd, after the payment went through they stopped replying my emails. Went ahead and made a fake email and sent the customer service another mail from that account and got a reply. This site is a fraud stay away people.

  2. russell says:

    I have bought a watch from Dreplica.com, the watches is very good and come with a delicate wooden boxes. I think this website is a trust site.

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