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The online market is full of replica watches stores that promise to offer the best quality out there at the lowest possible prices. When you hear all these promises you tend to fall for them, but every experienced shopper should know that on the World Wide Web appearances can be deceiving. We must double-check every online shop before trusting it with our orders. Today, it is turn to be reviewed and prove that it is worthy of our attention.

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The first worrisome thing about this website is the fact that when you try to access its homepage it redirects you to another domain- This site looks like your average replica watches online store. It has a common white background, a medium size banner with a couple luxurious timepieces, a simple top side menu bar, a long brands list in the left side of the screen and a few sponsored products in the lower part of the page. There is nothing too complicated or attractive on this site. Needless to say, it doesn’t strike you as a professional or friendly online store, but rather as an easy to use one.

The top side menu bar is very slim and discrete. It includes only a few buttons for the most popular brands available on this website- Rolex, Breitling, Tag Heuer, Cartier and Omega. To see and browse all its available brands you need to access the left side menu which is actually a very long list of the watches names carried by this company. The offer is really impressive and diversified. It is not just the fact that this merchant carries something that seems like an endless list of brands, but some of the best-selling categories include a couple thousand different models. For instance, Rolex lists 5,630 items, Breitling 1,127 models, Tag Heuer 1,517 and Cartier 1,350.

Thankfully, has a very complex Advanced Search implemented for every single one of its categories. Not only that the brands are organized into sub-categories, but you also have the very useful option of sorting the products by Gender, Strap Material, Strap Color, Dial Color and Movement. This really makes it a lot easier for us to locate the style of replica watch that we are looking to buy.

The prices for these replica watches are incredibly cheap. First of all, all the prices are displayed in GBP. Next, these are extremely lower than the ones available on most similar online sites. For instance, the prices available for replica watches equipped with a 21 jewels Japanese Miyota automatic movement vary between 50 GBP and 100 GBP while the prices for the fake Swiss 25 jewels ETA self-winding mechanism range between 200 GBP and 300 GBP.

I, for one, cannot trust I am very skeptical about its professionalism given the fact that it uses product pictures copied from at least 3 different sources. This is a huge proof that the company is not reputable. Any decent merchant invests time and effort into taking its own product photos because this is the only way of making potential customers believe that what they see in the pictures is what they will actually receive. So how could anyone trust this merchant when it redirects its customers to and has images copied from at least 3 different sources and watermarked with the name

The company offers free worldwide delivery to all its customers. I have confirmed this with the website by placing a test order. When I did this, the page said that there is a $0 flat rate fee for every order which they call “Best Way”. More information about its Shipping policy can be found on the Shipping and Return page where it says that the free delivery option means EMS and in which case the estimated shipping time is about 7-14 business days. For a faster delivery method you can choose to pay extra and get your package delivered in 3-5 business days by DHL, FEDEX or TNT. accepts only credit card payments. No other methods are supported. The available card types are Visa and Mastercards. Sure, these are some of the most popular and secure payment options in the world, but sometimes when you order products online you feel more secure when you know that the company offers you alternatives. In this case, Western Union, Bank Wire and Money Gram would have been some really excellent payment choices.

The merchant offers a 180 days free repairs warranty for all its replica watches which covers any manufacturing defects or movement problems. There is also a 14 days refund and exchange policy which applies to orders that have been received and the customer isn’t happy with the quality. In this case, he can choose to send the replica watch back for either a refund or replacement. The only inconvenient is that the return costs must be paid by the customer and that the company charges a 10-40 GBP restocking fee. isn’t one of those professional online stores that offer friendly and easy to reach customer services by phone, email or live chat. In fact, this company is incredibly difficult to reach as it only offers you the option to contact its agents by Contact Form.

After taking a very close look at I came to the conclusion that this isn’t the best place for ordering replica watches. The problem with it is that it does not use its own product pictures, it only takes card payments, it does not offer professional customer service and it has costly return policies. There are also a few pros worth mentioning- the low prices, the free world wide delivery and the 180 days free repairs warranty.

Last modified: December 23, 2015

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  1. says:

    This company has just ripped us off for 2 watches.

  2. Mo says:

    Don’t trust , This website is CCAM . They don’t send you watch
    I’ve placed the order on 14/01/17 but I haven’t received anything .the website was and now they changed to

  3. Mo says:

    Scam don’t trust this website

  4. James says:

    I bought a watch off this website and I’m very happy with it. People can’t tell it’s fake and are surprised when I tell them. I’m actually going to order another. The watch was exactly as the one in the photo and arrived within 7 days of ordering.

    1. qurrat shabbir says:

      Hi james when did you recieve the tracking number

  5. Calogero Mascari says:

    Ho acquistato molto tempo fa una replica di rolex, ho pagato €. 49,00 ma non ho ancora ricevuto niente-

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