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Corum Admiral’s Cup Replica

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Corum is a Swiss watch manufacturer that is considered to be quite new on the market when compared to other big names. It was founded in 1955 but it quickly found its audience with bold designs and quality timepieces. The brand offers watches with a big range of prices; some start at $5000 while other easily go over a million dollars. One of the famous models that have this brand name is the Admiral’s Cup; the name was approved by the Royal Racing Club from London and it is a tribute watch made to represent the sailing competition that goes around the world. One of the main features of this model is the bezel which has 12 angles and the flags of the countries according to the international code of sailing.

The watch itself is very complicated as far as design goes and this makes it very difficult for replica manufacturers. While the name isn’t as popular as some other replicas, the one we have here was very well made.

Corum Admiral's Cup Replica Watch Dial

Fake Corum Close-up

Genuine Corum Watch

Genuine Corum Watch

Trying to find a difference between these two models actually takes time and effort and after quite a while of staring at the two, there are no major differences that can I share. There is the pattern on the display and the numbers on the marks but this is not actually mistake but more of a difference in style. The brand name and logo is where it should be, the flags are correct although I think that the one on the “9” mark has green where it should have been black.

Corum Back Cover Watch

Corum Admirals cup clasp

The case keeps with the lines and original design. The authentic watch had a black alligator skin bracelet while the replica only has a rubber one; granted that this can be easily changed and it is not actually a difference between the watches.

Imitation corum Cup Crown

Just in case you are wondering, the button on the side is for blocking the other two so that the user doesn’t start the chronograph functions by accident. While the original case is made of titanium, the replica is just made out of stainless steel but the results are amazingly similar.

Last modified: November 20, 2017

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Corum Admiral’s Cup Replica

  1. jeff shields says:

    please send me an email.. I’m interested in Very High End replicas. thanks

  2. mike says:

    Hi! Can You help me to obtain replicas rubber watchstrap for Corum?

    1. Robert says:

      Hello Mike,

      I don’t know a stores that can sell only strap.


  3. Bernd Hofrichter says:

    Good evening!
    please be so Kind and tell me if models of Corum Adminral`s Cup are available
    thanks for your efforts

  4. peta says:

    Do you make these replicas I am interested if you do

  5. gustavo b martinez says:

    do you sell only the strap, more specify the closure?

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