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Copycat Store Watches Review

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Stunning as they might seem, these days, replica watches are like playing the lottery. If you do not know where to buy good quality imitations and how to make sure these are the closest version of the original product at the most affordable price, you could seriously be disappointed by your most recent purchase. This is why knowing what the best places for shopping replica watches are, is crucial. It can make the difference between wasting your money and an excellent purchasing decision. Naturally, when you come across a replica online store that looks as reliable and trustworthy as Copycatstore.is does, you feel relieved and hopeful about the prospects of buying an imitation watch. But appearances can be deceiving in this business and no matter how trustworthy a merchant might seem, we need to do our research right, be aware of its pros and cons, and know for sure if it is the right choice for satisfying our fashion needs.

Copycatstore.is features a very clean and appealing homepage that doesn’t use complicated details or functionality which might be tricky for inexperienced visitors. Its design is easy on the eye and its functionality sticks to a minimum so that its usability can be maximized. After all, there is no point on having useless features if only just a few of us really need them and know how to correctly use it. Still, it has everything you would expect from a replica watches online store. On its homepage there is a simple top menu bar in white and black which includes all the available brands and when you move the cursor over the brand names, a drop down list of collections unveils. From here you can basically start browsing for your favorite timepiece in just a few clicks. It doesn’t get easier than that, right?

To keep things to a minimum and well dosed, Copycatstore.is is designed in black and white, a classic and safe color combo choice with which no one could ever possibly fail. But there is more to this homepage than just a simple color scheme and an easy to use menu. Below the menu bar there are four large banners of the company’s best-selling brands. Rolex, Omega, Tage Heur and Breitling are the names showcased here and of course these banners lead to the brand collections represented by their names. And under the banners there is a section where best rated products are showcased and even lower on the page, there are 4 small banners for the Elegant’s Watches, Men’s Watches, Women’s Watches and Sport Watches. And right on the bottom of the screen there is a sliding area for the Latest News which allows you to access the store’s own blog.

After you’re done with admiring the homepage and you get down to actually browsing its products and see which one is right for you, you simply click on one of the brands from the top side menu bar. This takes you to the brand’s page where you will see listed all the available models. Here you have the option of sorting the items by Popularity, Newest and Price. Also, on the left side of the screen you will notice that a side menu bar will appear showing all the available brands, their subcategories and how many products are in each subcategory. Below this left side menu there is a price filter, a dial color, a Gender and Man selection butons. Needless to say, this eases very much the entire browsing process.

Talking about price, these replica watches cost anywhere between $185 and $245. I think it is fair to say that these are pretty affordable prices. After all, let’s not forget that some of these original brand watches are more expensive than a car and some can even compete with the price of a house. This being said, it is really easy to understand why so many people prefer buying a replica timepiece instead of the genuine product. Because no matter how much you like it, it still is just a jewelry, an accessory and nowadays you need to be responsible about your money even if fashion and style are your passion. So why not spend a couple hundred bucks instead of $10,000 or more? I also have to mention that these days, $150-$250 is the average price asked by online replica watches merchants for decent quality Japanese imitations which is really a very good price considering how authentic these products are.

Copycatstore.is offers a pretty diverse range of replicas from the most appreciated brands available of the market such as Rolex and Cartier to Breitling and Patek Philippe. Here you will surely find something to indulge your lust for high end timepieces. To keep things simple, this online replica merchant doesn’t offer hundreds and hundreds of models of the same brand. It has a very short selection of best-selling designs which are neatly listed and displayed so that we can make our decision quickly and simple.

When you are buying a replica from Copycatstore.is you have a range of payment options to choose from. The company offers the following choices when it comes to paying for your order: Western Union, Bitcoin and Echeck. When choosing to pay by Western Union all customers enjoy a 5% discounts whereas Bitcoin payments get 15% off. As we are all motivated by lower prices, I think we can agree that these discounts are not something that can easily be ignored and most of us would probably pick one of these two payment options just so that we can pay less.

One very good news when it comes to buying replicas from Copycatstore.is is that this company offers free worldwide delivery. Yes, you’ve read it right. No matter what replicas, how many you buy and where you want them delivered, you will get free of charge shipping. Isn’t this great or what? Not that many replica merchants offer this nowadays so I think you can agree that it is a really great thing. It is the detail that makes the difference when it comes to getting the best deal out there. Furthermore, the orders are being shipped only with major International carriers such as EMS and DHL, a tracking number is provided so you can follow the progress of the shipment online and the usual delivery time is about 4-7 business days.

This merchant provides a 10 days money back or exchange policy. Basically, within the first 10 days from the delivery you can ship the product back if you are not happy with it and they will issue a full refund. If the replica watch has been worn or used then you cannot return it for a refund, but for an exchange. Another thing is that the company does not charge a restocking fee, but the shipping back costs are the customer’s responsibility so before sending an imitation watch back for a refund or exchange take all these into consideration and decide if it is really worth the hassle.

Even though this online replica store offers customer service only by email, I was very impressed with the quality of their services and with how professional and friendly they can be. For almost a week I have sent over a dozen of emails asking about the quality of their replica watches, about the warranty and about the company’s policies and they have always answered my emails quickly and in a sensible manner. I was very pleased with how they took the time to explain everything carefully and with rich details. They’ve made me feel valued. And I also trust them that no matter what happens they will always stick by their products.

From what I can tell, Copycatstore.is a one of the most trustworthy online replica stores I have seen in a while. It really inspires me confidence and security. Probably because I was able to chat many times with its customer service operators by email and each time I was delighted with the degree of care and attention they’ve showed me. When you invest this much time in communicating with your customers, it is clear that you care about their satisfaction. There are other things as well that I really liked about this company. It offers free worldwide delivery, a 10 days refund/exchange policy, discounts for a selected range of payment methods and really affordable prices. Plus, its website is super easy to use and it looks very modern, fresh and appealing. Now, really, what more could you want?

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  • Images - 100%
  • Service - 100%
98.3 %
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Last modified: April 23, 2019

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