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It is very easy to get hooked by the desire to buy an exquisite designer watch at a fraction of its original price. This is exactly how replica companies hope to get your attention: by showing off the lowest prices possible and make it more interesting by throwing in a big discount. How could anyone resist? Or better said: how could a watch passionate person say “no”? Simple: just start to put in balance the PROS and the CONS and you will eventually make the right purchasing decision.

PROS: looks clean and fresh. It has a very nice design. The layout isn’t complicated at all. The menu includes only four brands and the main focus is on the big banner with its white, blue and green colors, and, of course, with its outrageous „Up to 70%” discount. I love the attention to esthetics that this website seems to have. Clearly, its main assets are: discounts and refinement.

The big surprise is that even though the top menu shows only four brands, the left side menu reveals a list of countless famous watch brands. Here you will find almost any watch company you can think of. The prices are quite good. These replicas are very affordable; with $50-$90 you can buy your very own designer timepiece. These are supposedly Japanese movement replicas and as far as I can tell, the company doesn’t carry any Swiss models.

The wide selection of famous designs manages to impress and it really gets you hooked. The only downside is that the collection is really difficult to browse. Its low usability is a result of the absence of a filter or advanced search option, both are very necessary for organizing large collections.  Still, if you show a strong will and continue to search for your very own needle in this haystack of beautiful watches, I am sure that you will eventually be rewarded with a good quality replica.  I was also pleased to see that the description page is really well constructed and it features everything I find essential to differentiate the best from the rest, information like: movement, materials, weight, and size and water resistance. Everything is transparent, just like I like it. ships packages worldwide with EMS and DHL, and it is free. Yeah, that’s right. All orders get free delivery. The usual delivery time is 5-7 business days to European countries and to other countries it takes about 10 business days. All packages are shipped with a tracking number and in the event that you do not get your package in four weeks, it will be reshipped free of charge. The company guarantees the delivery and assumes all additional charges involved with sending your order again.


All products have a 180 days warranty. Basically, all watches can be returned for a refund or for exchange within the first 14 days from the delivery. After this period, a 180 days free repairs warranty will be applied if the product shows any manufacturer’s defects. The products need to be returned on the customer’s expense and the refund or exchange will be processed only after the items arrive safely at the company’s warehouse. Furthermore, a $20-$40 restocking fee will be deducted from the refund amount. Also, please note that the warranty doesn’t cover damages caused by customs, by wear and tear, or by water exposure. Please consider all the above before deciding whether to send the replica back to the company. You may end up losing a lot of money without being able to actually fix your problem.

The merchant states on the website that it is able to accept card payments, such as Visa and Mastercard. Still, after Checkout the only payment option available is Visa. Mastercard payments are not supported. This is a real disappointment; to go through the whole hassle of finding the watch you desire to purchase, to create an account, to enter your shipping details and to realize that you can’t pay for the order because the only card you own, a Mastercard, is not really supported by the website. Horrible! They should review the payment information posted on their Internet site.

Pictures: The quality of the photos isn’t very good. Plus, you can’t enlarge the pictures. Indeed, the merchant lists numerous images for each product it sells, but this is useless if you can’t actually see the details, markings and particularities of the replicas. To continue in the same negative note, the pictures have a watermark with a different website name on them, more precisely, It seems that nowadays it’s a trend to list pictures without editing the watermark. The source of these photos remains a mystery to me. These were either copy pasted from a different website or is the former website domain of this company. Either way, this really shatters our trust in

Domain registered: CHINA

Customer service: offers customer service by Contact Form and by email. Needless to say that I totally disapprove with the fact that it uses an ordinary Gmail account as a contact email address. Liable and reputable websites invest the necessary time and money for creating a professional contact email that is both secured and protected- hence all the emails you send to the company are also secured and protected. Just in case you were asking: no, it does not provide a contact phone number. This is another minus for the company’s liability.

Summary: Very true: provides cheap designer watches replicas. Also very true:  the cheap price is determined by the lack of a reliable customer service, by the highly complicated warranty policy, by the unbelievably incoherent payment terms, and also by the very dubious product pictures. So in the end the decision is yours. What do you prefer? A risky purchase just because it’s cheap? Or a secure order at a fair price?

Last modified: July 4, 2013

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