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Cartier Santos 100 Men XL And Its Replica

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Replica watches have been on high demand lately as there are many people that want a luxury watch on their hand without paying the price. This is the only way they would ever afford such a watch and it’s quite understood since they will only be paying a fraction of the price. However, many people have argued that there are many differences between the replica watch and the original watch so buying one would actually be a bad decision since everybody will tell it’s a fake. But there are various types of replica watches that come in different grades, which means that if you buy a high quality watch chances are it’s quite similar to the original brand watch. You can easily judge whether a watch is a good replica or not by analyzing it closely and comparing it with an original watch.

Let’s take for example this beautiful Cartier Santos 100 Men XL, a classic watch that is quite popular among luxury watch lovers. This watch is very similar to the original, and even if there are a few differences you can easily see that the watches look alike.

Genuine Watch

Genuine Watch

Cartier Santos 100 Replica Watch Dial

Fake Cartier Santos

Blue Sapphire Imitation

The first difference you will notice is the display, but unless you examine it closer you won’t see it. The writing “Swiss Made” at the bottom of the display is quite different, which is not necessarily bad, however this is a difference and needs to be mentioned. Another thing you will see is the stone on the crown, which is also different, a bit larger in scale and not as smooth as the one you can see on the original watch.

It is quite common to see various text styles that are different when dealing with replica watches, but that’s not an important element; the most important is that various elements of the watch are placed where they should be on the original timepiece. Another common difference you will see is the writing on the back of the clasp which can also be different than the one on the original watch. Although these make a difference between the replica and the original watch, they are desirable for the former, as they don’t cause a big discrepancy between the timepieces.

Cartier knockoff back case

Cartier Replica Clasp

Last modified: November 20, 2017

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Cartier Santos 100 Men XL And Its Replica

  1. Nia says:

    The santos that you have is that water proof?

    1. Robert says:

      Hi Nia,

      No, it’s water resistant.

  2. charles farnham says:

    cost of Santos 100 XL and cost of band for 1 I have already

  3. Nikola says:


  4. Eric says:

    No prices mentioned? Too bad!!! I’ll buy some place else!!

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