Black dial rolex submariner with ceramic bezel

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Black Dial Submariner

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There is no person on this world, especially a watch fan, who doesn’t know the basics of a Rolex Submariner.  Nevertheless, as any other luxury watch this too deserves a review destined to reveal the differences between the original one and the average replica watch buyable at any online store. The Submariner is unquestionably a symbol of sophistication, quality and excellence. Whether or not replica companies are capable of providing the same degree of timeless perfection is an entirely different story. This being said, we as customers, need to know how to make a correct assessment and determine in a flash if we are dealing with an exact replica or with a godawful one.

Authentic Submariner

Authentic Submariner

So let’s take a look at a Rolex Submariner replica and run a quick, but thorough comparison to determine how different from the real thing it really is. For this exact purpose, I have selected the Rolex Submariner with the Date window, black dial and stainless steel case. Nowadays, the Submariner with No Date has become quite preferred by watch enthusiasts due to its cleaner looking dial, but I still like best the one with the Date function.

Black Rolex Sub Folex

Rolex Imitation Watch side view

The Submariner was designed as a commercial diver’s watch and this is a very important particularity of its legacy. It is a timepiece that can withstand at a depth of 300 meters. It is more than a sports model. It is a time keeping device designed to look and be used as a professional diver’s watch. What all those interested in buying a replica Submariner need to understand is that a knock-off will never be able to come even close to these water resistance capabilities. A replica will never be suitable for diving or swimming. Period.  Indeed, looking at this replica you can see the Rolex waterproof symbol applied on the end part of the winding crown. This symbol is called the TripleLock Crown and it certifies the outstanding underwater performances of a Rolex watch. The fact that this imitation Submariner has it makes it look pretty authentic.

Cyclop on Rolex Submariner Replica

Fake Rolex Crown Lugs

The dial of the Submariner is extremely functional, yet surprisingly tidy and legible. The Submariner has a unique design that will forever remain unaltered. It is its biggest fortune and at the same time its tremendous mischance. No change applied to its classic design has ever been a stranger to out of proportion controversies. Each time a change was made to its appearance, Rolex aficionados around the globe have heavy-handed criticized the company’s decision. This means that any variations in the design of a replica Submariner are simply an inaccuracy and not because it imitates an older model. Looking both at the pictures of this replica and at those of the original one, I can’t see any differences. The dial, the bezel, all the indicators and the date window are identical. Indisputably, both look exactly the same. It may come as a shock for most people, but some replicas are impossible to spot even upon a very close inspection. Including the inner Rolex word stamped all around the inside of the dial has been flawlessly replicated. Moreover, this particular knock-off also has the luminous coated hands and hour markers. These luminescent indicators make it easy for you to read the time in the dark.

Fake Submariner Bezel view

Not to mention, the case is manufactured out of solid 440 stainless steel while over the 40 mm dial a clear sapphire crystal shines elegantly. The watch looks quite big and feels incredibly sturdy. This is a must for all Rolex watches. Additionally, the automatic movement contributes to the authentic heavy feel of this Submariner replica. When turning around the watch we notice the green hologram sticker on the back which is a symbol of authenticity applied to all Rolex models.

Rolex Replica Submariner Bakc View

The band is also made from 440 solids stainless steel and it has the well-known three-link tapering system. This means that the lugs get narrower closer they get to the clasp. With this very small functional detail, the bracelet feels more comfortable, looks more elegant and gives the impression of a larger case. The clasp is a flip lock and has the little Rolex crown logo applied on the outside. Unfortunately the band I received with this watch was from Explorer and not the one with Submariner clasp.

Because price does matter and not everyone affords to spend $7000-$9000 on a watch, we are forced to find the most reasonable and affordable solution for having our very own Submariner. In this case it means acquiring a replica, the best one we can find. After thoroughly inspecting this beautiful Rolex Submariner copy I must admit that it really is a well-made clone and it would represent a wise investment for any watch enthusiast.

Last modified: November 20, 2017

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Black Dial Submariner

  1. George says:

    I have this Submariner, but the bezel doesn’t seem to be working right. It rotates both ways and it has a bubbly surface that looks very bad. Because of this I can’t wear it and don’t know what to do to fix it. I tried contacting the website where I bought it and they don’t answer my emails. Do you know where I can fix it or where I can find a replacement bezel?

    1. Robert says:

      The bezel of the Submariner should rotate only in one direction and make 120 clicks per each complete turn.
      The bubbly surface may be because you did not remove the protective sticker from the bezel. You can try taking it off by detaching the edges with the tip of your nail.
      Unfortunately I do not know a jeweler or store that offers to fix watches that weren’t bought from him, but you can do a quick browser search and see what merchants offer this service.

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