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If you are looking to buy a replica watch online then this website is as good as any other Internet store. Just ignore the very primitive design, the pixelated images and the disproportionate template. This is really irrelevant when you see all the promotional incentives scattered all over the home page. Right at the top, we have a few very colorful Easter eggs that, in fact, are buttons for pages with products on sale, below there is a text saying that all orders over $200 get a free MontBlanc pen and even lower there is the banner for the gift certificates: $10 for orders with a value over $100, $25 for orders over $200 and $50 for orders over $350. Considering all these discounts and free gifts, why should you even care about the lack of attention for the looks of the website?

The available replica watches are listed in the left side menu, which is pretty diverse. It doesn’t have an impressive offer of brands, but it manages to provide some of the most renowned company names in the world. Still, each available brand includes a varied range of designs. There are many fake watches to choose from and these are nicely organized into sub-categories. This helps you a little bit to locate the style of watch you are looking to get, because the website doesn’t have a search option.

Any replica watches sells both Swiss and Asian made replica watches. The ones equipped with an Asian automatic mechanism are called Ming Zhu movement watches and cost about $100 to $250 while the ones equipped with a Swiss ETA automatic mechanism cost about $400 to $700. The company advertises the Ming Zhu movement replica watches as being very good and precise, but, frankly, I didn’t hear a thing about the incredible performance of this cheap mechanism.

Yes, I do believe that the pictures displayed on this online store are of the actual replicas available here. I say this because the quality of the pictures is awful. Sure, the images are very carefully made as to show all the important details of the watches, the background is elegant and the lightning is pretty good, but the quality of the photos is very low. These do not look like they were taken by a professional, but by an amateur. Still, I find this very refreshing and a proof that we can trust the company and what we see in its photos.

The description page is very well made. It is very detailed and descriptive, mentioning all the important product specs with rich information regarding the materials, size, functionality or usability of the replica watch.

There are three available shipping options: DHL, EMS and Air Mail. DHL is the fastest method available as it takes only 3-5 business days to get the package, but the delivery costs are $38.95. EMS takes about 5-8 business days to be delivered and the shipping fee is $29.96. And the slowest option is Air Mail which takes about 15-30 business days to arrive and it costs $12.96. From my point of view, EMS is the best delivery option. I say this because a week doesn’t feel like such a long wait and sometimes it really comes handy to spare a couple bucks on a replica order. accepts payments with Western Union, Money Gram and Credit Card. The available credit card options are Visa, Mastercard and JCB, which I find pretty great. This store really provides some of the most secure and used payment methods in the world, showing that it is a pretty liable online company.

This replica watches merchant offers a 4 days refund policy. If more than 4 days have passed since you have received the watch then you can’t request a refund, but an exchange or replacement. The replacement guarantee applies for the first 15 days from the delivery. After the first 10 days, only repairs are available and only for manufacturing defects. What you need to know is that the initial shipping fee isn’t refundable and the shipping back costs must be paid by the customer. can be contacted by email or contact form. My advice for you is to send a message before you go ahead with the order. See if the company replies and in how much time, if they are professional, concerned and helpful. All this will be essential for ensuring the satisfaction of your order.

Any replica watches you could think of are here, at Or at least this is what the company wants us to think. Indeed, it has a very inclusive and diverse collection of brands, but it isn’t that impressive. I like the fact that it has affordable prices for both its Asian and Swiss automatic movement fake watches, the payment choices are pretty varied and the return policy is ok. What I do not like is the fact that the shipping options are a little bit pricey and the communication channels seem to be a little bit limited. Otherwise it is just like any other replica watches company.

Last modified: November 20, 2017

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  1. Daniel says:

    I tried to search, but seems their site is closed, it is now The watches look good on their site. thearw = the Any Replica Watches. hahaha.

  2. Daniel says:

    I sent them an email to ask about the new name and if anything else had changed. They replied within 24 hours to let me know that everything from their staff to their site to their great Rolex replica watches were still exactly the same. Also, user name, password, order history etc are the same. if you have an outstanding order from , it won’t be disrupted in any way by the site change.

  3. Jonathan says:

    The website that is still active is

    I’ve recently had 4 purchases from them over the last 2 months and all of the watches I have received have been well packaged and appear to be well made. They shipped quickly and communication with them has always been prompt as well. They are now at least doing some nice videos of many of their watches which I think is a improvement.

  4. Michael Jacobs says:

    I was very concerned about buying a replica anywhere on the net..but after looking for a year and emailing Chris at ARW,and he always got back to me and answered questions. I bought a entry wanting to buy a ETA 2836 down the road..I wanted to see the whole process and product…well I was blown away by the upgraded Ceramic Sub..its so well done..with delivery and within 6 days to Ontario Canada I spent $220.00 CAD….Im very happy….will reorder for the better movent..I want to order a green Ceramic bezel and turn into! Do not be afraid,they are good people who want to stay in business..Michael Jacobs…look for me on Facebook and I will send you some pics..

  5. Eric says:

    A co-worker of mine introduced me to these guys. I ordered the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean replica from them at their newest website and WOW am I impressed. The overall look and quality is amazing, with only minor tell-tale signs that it is a replica. Took it to three different jewelers to have the bracelet sized to my wrist and none of them could do it because either A) They thought it was a real Omega and because of its high end nature wouldn’t risk damaging it or B) Their tools weren’t capable of punching the pins. None of them knew it was a fake. Finally took it to a specialty “watch doctor” place and even they never brought up it being fake. So four different places, where all they do is jewelry and one specifically watches, were none the wiser. That’s how good these are in terms of quality. On a final note I would suggest paying the extra money for Swiss movements and avoiding the cheaper Ming Zhu movement replicas. Mine has a Ming Zhu movement and it’s definitely a dead giveaway it’s a replica. For $180 after shipping I’m still very satisfied.

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