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We experience a new phenomenon on the market of replica watches: having a website that looks like it is UK based. So many online stores include UK in their domain name that it would appear as the whole replica industry has moved to the UK. Well, it didn’t! Almost in every single case the company is Chinese based and looking to gain extra credibility points. The same thing goes for 24UkWatch.co.uk!



24UkWatch.co.uk has a very modern and elegant design. It has a nice grayish appearance with a wide stylish banner, many beautiful photos of designer watches and a sleek and easy to use menu bar. I like the way it looks and I think it could make a very good first impression on anyone. Its design says that you are dealing with a professional company, one that knows how important appearance is, especially in this line of business. It is not too simple or too crowded. It is carefully designed as to enhance its usability and provide to its visitors a very friendly shopping experience.

The main menu bar is right on the top of the page. It is a very simple one, with just three watch brands buttons and a one “Watches Collection” button. When clicking on this button we see a drop down menu with all the available brands. I must confess that there aren’t that many. This replica company sells only sixteen watches brands. That’s not that much and it does not even include all the famous watch companies, just a couple of them.

24UkWatch.co.uk lists the prices of all its replica watches in GBP. The Japanese fake watches cost about 99-160 GBP whereas the Swiss replicas are 200-400 GBP.  If we refer just to the Japanese imitation watches then I guess we could say that these are very affordable, but the Swiss knockoffs are not at everyone’s reach. What you need to consider here is the fact that the Swiss ETA movement replicas have the highest durability and accuracy.

The payment methods that this replica website is able to process are Visa and Mastercard.  I am quite happy to finally come across a merchant that sells fake watches and is able to accept Mastercard payments. Nowadays, there are only a few companies out there that can take this form of payment.

When you order from 24UkWatch.co.uk you have the option of selecting one of these two payment methods: EMS which is totally free or Express Shipping which costs about $20 and implies DHL, UPS or FEDEX. The first option means waiting about 10-15 business days to receive your package while the second one means about 5-8 business days. Either way, a tracking number is provided and you can use it to follow the progress of your shipment. Also, if the package does not arrive in four weeks after it was shipped then it will be declared lost and reshipped by the company, free of charge.


The brands are nicely organized into sub-categories that have the same name as the original collections, just that this doesn’t ease that much the entire shopping experience. Because there are hundreds of model in each sub-category and there is no filter or advanced search option, it is very time consuming to browse for a certain model. Going through all these pages will seriously discourage you to buy a replica from this store.

The discrepancy in the product description page of these replica watches is huge. Some products have a very complete and long description while others have a very short and poorly written one. Clearly, this company does not pay that much attention to this very important detail, a detail that actually tells the customer what he is actually purchasing.

I love the fact that this company starts its return policy by saying that it does have a 180 days repairs warranty. Additionally, there is a 14 days refund and exchange policy that ensures your satisfaction. Unfortunately, this return policy does not sound very fair to me. For example, these are the reasons that are not accepted for refunding or replacing your order: scratches, missing stones, dents, and fading/chipping of the material. I don’t think it is normal for a new watch to experience one of above flaws within the first 14 days.  Of course, all the return costs must be paid by the customer and a $20-$40 shipping and handling fee will be charged so that the refund or exchange can be processed. That sounds terribly expensive, if you ask me!

Domain registered: CHINA

Pictures: The pictures are horrible. These look as someone took them from several different catalogues and merged them together in the hope that some inexperienced replica shoppers would be fooled by the impressive number of different watch designs, and would end up purchasing these fake products anyway. The quality of the images is quite bad. These are very unclear and were obviously taken in different studios and by different photographers. From product to product, the background varies, as well as the clarity, the lightning and the angles used to take the photos. The images displayed for these replicas are quite small and there is no option to zoom in. This prevents you from seeing the details and small markings. Furthermore, the pictures are watermarked with another website’s name: WatchJust.com

Customer service: I like the fact that the website includes a very large and obvious button for the Live Chat service, a button that looks so good that you cannot resist not clicking on it. I, obviously, clicked on this button and surprisingly enough no Live Chat window opened, it only loaded the Contact Us page. Here I understood that their customer service is not professional at all. You can reach the company only by sending a message using the Contact Form or a very untrusted Gmail account. This shows a huge lack of professionalism and proves us that when it comes to replica websites we can never take their word for it. We must test everything!

Summary: 24UkWatch.co.uk is a fake watches website that looks very professional and trustworthy, but upon a closer look we discover that it is nothing like this. It does not have a responsive customer service, it does not have pictures of its actual merchandise, the usability of the website is very low, the product description page is very poorly made and the return policy is very unfair. For all of these reasons, I cannot recommend 24UkWatch.co.uk as a reliable source for high quality replica watches.

Last modified: August 11, 2014

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