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Are you spending 24 hours of your time thinking about beautiful luxury watches and how to find good replicas of those models? Then you definitely need 24mytime.com, an online replica watches store that knows how important is for us, watch fans, to have a reliable source of fake timepieces that is able to deliver good quality products at fair prices. Or, at least, this is what it promises. Does it really offer such great watches? Let’s find out!

The first thing we notice about this company is the simple and sleek website, designed in neutral colors with just a few aesthetic embellishments. The page is very intuitive and easy on the eye, allowing you to focus on what matters most- the replica watches it sells. On top we have a plain gray menu bar with Rolex, Omega, Cartier, and a button for the other 13 available brands. This is considerably less than most replica watches online sites, but I think that it is actually a very good thing. By focusing on just a few watch companies, the store can be more selective about the quality of its products. It stocks only the ones that meet a certain standard of quality. Usually, webpages that sell dozen of brands of various degrees of quality just want to get your money without thinking for a second about the satisfaction of your purchase.

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Of course, having just a few brands does not mean that it has a very limited selection of replica watches. Once you start browsing a certain category you realize how wide is the range of knockoffs available. For example, just the Rolex Daytona sub-collection includes 824 designs. That’s a lot. And when I say this I also refer to the browsing process. Who has time to browse 25 pages of Rolex Daytona replica watches? I, for one, don’t, and I was very disappointed to see that an Advanced Search isn’t available.

24mytime.com carries both Swiss and Japanese automatic mechanism replica watches. The Swiss ETA automatic movement fakes cost about $300-$450 while the Japanese knockoffs are priced at $100-$150. My opinion is that these prices are pretty affordable; especially when you consider the fact that the authentic watches cost, at least, ten times more.

I don’t know about the pictures…These look a little bit shady to me. Some are very clear and professional looking with a white background while others are blurry and have a gray background. The images are clearly from different sources and have a different website name watermarked on them: WatchJust.com. Probably, the company has changed its domain recently, but why didn’t it update the watermark of the photo? And why are the pictures taken in different studios? I recommend you to request photos of its actual watches before you order from this company.

The product descriptions are pretty well made. These are very detailed and manage to explain very well- in a comprehensive manner- what are the main materials, functions and aesthetic details of these replica watches.

24mytime.com accepts only Visa and Mastercard payments which I do not like at all. Indeed, credit card payments are the best way of paying online for an order because these types of transactions are always secured and monitored by your bank, but companies should offer alternatives for those customers who do not want to put their card details online. For these, Western Union, Bank Wire or Money Gram payments should be available.

The company ships packages worldwide by EMS and DHL. And the best part about its shipping policy is that the delivery is completely free. All orders are dispatched with a tracking number after 1-2 days of processing and the actual delivery takes about 5-8 business days. There is also a lost package policy. If the order does not arrive in 4 weeks then the store will reship it free of charge.

24mytime.com guarantees the satisfaction of its customers with a 14 days refund and exchange policy. During the first 14 days from the delivery of the order, you can return it for a refund, replacement or exchange. Of course, all the shipping back costs must be paid by the customer and a $20-$40 restocking fee will be charged. After the first 14 days, if the replica watch has any defects then it can be shipped back for free repairs under the Terms and Conditions of the 180 days warranty.

And now let’s check its Customer Services. But, wait! Don’t get too excited. This replica watches online site is no different than the other countless fake stores- it does not have a professional and responsive customer care department. If you see the live chat button from the homepage don’t think that you can use it to speak to a representative. It is only for show. When you click it, it directs you to the Contact Us page. Here you have a Contact Form and a Gmail address where you can send a message to the company. A phone number isn’t available.

I must admit that at first sight, 24mytime.com looks like a pretty reputable replica watches site – it has a friendly webpage, a diverse collection of fake watches, good prices, free shipping and a satisfaction guarantee. But the store disappoints with its poor customer service, unprofessional photos, lack of alternatives for card payments and costly return conditions.

Last modified: April 15, 2015

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