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Are these replica websites meant to last just for one year? If we judge just by the name of 2014bestwatches.com then surely this is the only possible conclusion. So what happens next year? Do they shut down this site and open a new one named 2015bestwatches.com? I mean, who would want to buy last year’s best replica watches?

2014 - Cheap Rolex Replica Watches


Now getting back to more serious things, this online replica store looks pretty professional and serious enough as to tempt us to buy a couple of its fake watches. It is neatly organized, has a clean white-grayish color scheme and features a wide colorful promotional banner. Everything you would expect from a 2014bestwatches.com website!

Thumbs up for its great usability and user friendly home page! It has two menu bars included which is really cool as it allows you to easily go to the desired section of the website. The top menu bar includes six of the most important luxury watches brands and a button for the customer Reviews. Here you can read the opinions of those who already have bought replica watches from 2014bestwatches.com. On the left side of the page there is the secondary menu bar which includes a very impressive number of brand names, and each one lists a wide selection of watch designs. For example, Rolex has 5032 different models of replica watches.

2014bestwatches.com has Swiss, Japanese and Asian movement watches. The automatic Asian movement watches cost about $85-$200 and are equipped with an Asia Automatic Movement (21 Jewels). The Swiss watches are about $200-$500 and have a Swiss Valjoux 7750 Automatic mechanism while the Japanese watches are $600-$800 and are equipped with a Japanese Manual Winding Movement (17 Jewel). This is the first time I hear of such an expensive Japanese movement replica watch. It is even more expensive than the Swiss mechanism ones.

The product description page is very nicely structured and easy to comprehend. It has the information divided into: Specifications and Description. The Specifications summarize the most important characteristics of each replica watch while the Description part details the essentials about the mechanism, materials and functionality.

2014bestwatches.com ships packages worldwide and the delivery is priced at $20. Funny thing is that in the shopping cart right under the $20 shipping fee, there is also a $20 discount applied which makes this shipping fee null. Why the complications? Why not just make the shipping free and keep it simple? Most packages are shipped with EMS, and in some special situations DHL or FEDEX can be used instead. The delivery to Europe takes about 5-7 business days, and to South America 10 business days. Of course, a tracking number is provided for all orders dispatched by this online replica merchant.

The best part about this fake watches company is that it provides a 14 days refund or exchange policy. Of course there are some conditions that must be fulfilled: the replicas must be unworn, undamaged and have no discolorations and the shipping fee involved with returning the order must be paid by the customer. Once the item is received by the company, the refund will be processed and it will take about 5-20 days for the money to show up on your account. There is also a 180 days repairs warranty that covers only manufacturing defects. If the watch cannot be repaired then it will be replaced with a new one or a refund will be issued, but from the initial purchase amount a depreciation charge of 0.5% per day will be deducted.


The categories are carefully divided into collections, but unfortunately the website does not feature an advanced search option or a filter to narrow it down. For the larger categories such as Rolex, Breitling or Cartier, browsing through the items until finding your favorite model may take like forever.

On the bottom of the page it mentions the logos of the accepted payment methods and these appear to be Visa, Mastercard and Western Union, but in the Order Form it says that only Visa and Mastercard are supported. Pretty deceiving until now, but wait for it! There’s more.  After checking out, in the secure payment processing page we finally find out that the only available payment option is Visa. This is highly disappointing from an online seller of replica watches. It only shows that in this line of business you can’t take their word for it. You just need to double check everything they say.

Domain registered: Australia

Pictures: The pictures of these replica watches are almost everything you would expect from a professional seller of imitation timepieces: high clarity, most important angles included and focus on the authenticity markings.  Some images even show the protective plastic that is wrapped around the band to protect it. You could honestly believe that these pictures belong to 2014bestwatches.com and that they illustrate the actual replicas it sells, but sadly there is a watermark on all these images that says otherwise. The watermark clearly reads out “WatchJust.com”.

Customer service: The first thing you notice when you enter the website is the orange Live Chat button. Usually only those companies that care as much as to invest in responsive customer service and high customer satisfaction have a Live Chat service. Unfortunately, 2014bestwatches.com is not one of these much appreciated replica companies. When you click on its Live Chat it simply loads the Contact Us page where you have a Contact Form and a Gmail address which is highly unprofessional and unreliable. No phone number is available so you can engage in a direct contact with one of their customer support representatives.

Summary: 2014bestwatches.com may probably seem like today’s best choice for a reputable and professional online supplier of high quality replica watches and excellent services, but as we very well know: when you’re dealing with fakes, appearances are always deceiving. Even though it has a wide selection of imitation watches, a serious aesthetics, international free delivery, a refund and repairs warranty, it still manages to be a highly unreliable merchant. This is due to the fact that it lies about the accepted payment methods, it has product pictures that bear another company’s name and it provides unprofessional customer services.

Last modified: August 11, 2014

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