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It is always about quality. We are constantly looking to get the best quality available, but without compromising out budget. This is how most often we turn our eyes from those much sought after original designer brands watches to the more affordable and average looking replica timepieces. It seems like a reasonable compromise. We decide more »


There are companies that brag with their low prices, high quality or excellent services and then there are companies that brag with the number of satisfied customer they had. The-watches.com claims to have over 78,000 happy customers since 2007. Is this the truth or is it just a desperate attempt to get our attention? Well, more »


I am pretty sure that there isn’t a single replica watch fan out there that isn’t preoccupied with finding the most trustworthy online store with the lowest prices, best quality and excellent services. But finding these reputable merchants isn’t such an easy task. It takes a lot of research, patience and time to narrow it more »


Finding a good replica watches store is never easy. There are many websites out there that claim to be selling the most authentic looking knockoffs with the best quality ever at the lowest possible price. All of them promise the best of the best, but are they really that good? My opinion is that they more »