Swiss Replica Watches Review

The purpose of this site is to clear the haze around replica watches myths. Almost every online store has so called “buyers guide”, which in most cases leaves the buyer confused over quality, terms, types and warranties of fake Rolex watches.

Some guides will explain that you shouldn’t pay more than $100 for a knockoff; other will try to convince you that their $300 copies are top notch and any cheaper items are made out of plastic. In both cases their sole intention is to make you, as a customer, to buy from their store.

In my articles I will show you what to look out for when placing your order, what is the best payment method and how standard looking return policy can turn out to be a careful deception. Just one thing I want to make clear from the start – There Is No Such Thing As a Perfect Replica! Any copy watch more or less resembles genuine one; it can be good or bad imitation, but there will never be 100% replica.

I will post detailed pictures of all replica watches I’ve purchased and try to explain the difference between them and genuine brand models. You’ll be surprised how close to authentic watches some of imitations can be, while others you can spot from a mile away that they are fake.

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4 responses to “Swiss Replica Watches Review”

  1. joan2006 says:

    He comprado un reloj en Replicas de relojes España y ha sido un desastre, me enviaron un reloj que no funcionaba despues de 3 meses me lo han develto y falta una pieza que se ha caido, ahora se desentienden de todo.

  2. very sad says: company is a disaster i paid$428 two month ago and nothing about the watch
    this company are a criminals

  3. eli says:

    I am interested in buying a watch I have seen on your website model number 1453898.
    I would like to know if it has available changeable straps?
    If I am not happy with it, can I return it?
    Also, can I pay by “cash on delivery”?

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